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Infrastructure Management Laboratory for Design and Maintenance of Structures

Infrastructure Management Laboratory

The Infrastructure Management laboratory has been established in 2019. Infrastructure is the fundamental facilities and systems serving a country, city, or other area, including the services and facilities necessary for its economy to function. Infrastructure is composed of public and private physical improvements such as roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, water supply, sewers, electrical grids, and telecommunications. Infrastructure management is the integrated, multidisciplinary set of strategies in sustaining public infrastructure assets. Generally, the process focuses on the later stages of a facility's life cycle, specifically maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement.

Assoc. Prof. Naser Khaji manages Infrastructure Management Laboratory at Civil and Environmental Engineering Program, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University. He also collaborates with Prof. Kenichiro Nakarai and Assist. Prof. Ichiro Ario of Structural Engineering Laboratory for Design & Maintenance of Structures, and Prof. Kenji Kawai, and Assist. Prof. Riya Catherine George of Structural Materials Engineering Laboratory.


The Infrastructure Management laboratory was established in 2019.


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Dr. Khaji has been recently appointed as one of the editors-in-chief of the Journal of Earthquake and Tsunami (JET). Since its first issue in 2007, this international journal has been published by Scientific World, an international publisher. JET provides a common forum for scientists and engineers working in earthquakes and tsunamis to communicate and interact with one another and thereby enhance the opportunities for such cross-fertilization of ideas. The Journal publishes original papers pertaining to state-of-the-art research and development in Geological and Seismological Setting; Ground Motion, Site and Building Response; Tsunami Generation, Propagation, Damage, and Mitigation, as well as Education and Risk Management following an earthquake or a tsunami.


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